Elmira Khoobbakht, also known as Elmira Moohel, is a traditional Iranian painter based in Tehran.

Her surreal paintings skilfully depict the conflict between good and evil that exists in the details of everyday life and beliefs.

Inspired by the works of Hieronymus Bosch, Elmira constructs her paintings around images such as heaven/hell sequences that are truly awe-inspiring. Her work is a surreal link between the present day and old masterpieces.

She also has a great love of animals and is fascinated by the surrealism of cinema. She enjoys reading about art history and ancient mythology and listening to music.

Her main sources of inspiration are the old masterpieces and human emotions.

Painting has been Elmira’s main hobby since childhood!

She followed her passion by attending art school and obtaining a bachelor’s degree in painting.

Elmira held three painting exhibitions in her youth, the first at the age of 18 and two more in the early years of her university studies.

In 2018 she held her last group exhibition in Tehran. However, she had a breakdown when realised that most people laughed at her drawings or described them as strange and frightening. But El didn’t let that stop her!


A confident artist, she took a five-year break from participating in art events to concentrate on her craft and develop her unique style. At the time, the artist had no idea that being unconventional was actually a huge advantage! Despite this, El continued to paint for herself, creating unique pieces that only Elmira had seen. 

Fast forward to 2023, and with the help of NFTs, she re-entered the public art world with a bang! This marked the beginning of a new chapter for the once shy artist who lacked confidence in her work. Today El creates masterpieces with boundless pride and love!

Elmira Moohel is an incredibly talented traditional painter who is absolutely passionate about creating art! Her ability to express her feelings and thoughts through her work is remarkable. 

El is constantly overflowing with new and exciting ideas for her art, which brings her immense happiness and fulfilment.

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