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Everlasting God collection

They told him that she was not meant to be with him, causing deep suffering and torment in his heart and soul….[ read more ]

Lucifer’s love for Eve was unrequited, leading to his….[ read more ]

During their first meeting, Adam fell in love with Eve in one glace, and Eve felt the same…[ read more ]

In one of the levels of heaven, there was a celebration and joyful revelry. All the inhabitants of Heaven were intoxicated and joyful and….[ read more ]

Somewhere on The day Lord created “Eve” .
All the inhabitants of heaven came to see her… earth…[ read more ]

Eve was very beautiful. 

Wherever she walked, all the people of heaven stared at her dignity and beauty….[ read more ]

Eve prepared to meet Adam for the first time. She felt a deep sense of happiness and anticipation, eager to grasp the intricacies of love, and the heavenly beings were there to help her understand this new emotion. On that fateful day….[ read more ]