Lucifer’s Prayers-original version

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This painting was created with the intention of evoking the feeling of need and begging. Dua and prayer accompanied by desire when the creature finds itself in need of the Creator. Elmira has tried to portray the Devil, who has been a symbol of evil and wickedness, in the ultimate sense of poverty and need. He also has a golden halo around his head. In later paintings, when this halo is gradually combined with blackness, it means that Satan’s pure nature is contaminated with filth.
Lucifer pleads and prays under the forbidden tree for God to let Eve love him. But in a section of the circle on the right side and above the frame, another time and place in heaven is depicted. This is in contrast to Lucifer’s pleas, as Adam and Eve are preparing a celebration. They’re about to meet for the first time. Two angels with heavenly trumpets at the top of the picture announce this joy. Lucifer is depicted under the forbidden tree to emphasize the power of his nature.
Elmira is a painting that lets you fantasize about forbidden or lost subjects in religious stories and see everything in a different way. This is the only way to live creatively and draw a new world. Elmira is a painting full of questions.

Additional information


The painting's original version


acrylic on canvas – Gold leaf – Texture on base

size (No frame )

15.74 x 15.74 Inch


0.59 Inch

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