The first Adam and Eve met-original version

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Elmira thought about the moment when Lucifer was watching his unfulfilled desire. When you need somthing but don’t get what you want, what’s the point of it all?
Elmira made this painting, inspired by the famous painting of the fallen angel by Alexandre Cabanel. At first, she thought about making a figure like the main figure in the painting. However, as she developed the painting, he decided to put this angry figure in a specific place in the frame. This was different from the original idea.
The creatures and Adam and Eve are shown as lovers people. This is shown in their eyes, which are looking at each other. This meeting makes them happy.
Lucifer, the sole figure who appears to be experiencing a sense of sadness, has falsely sworn to be happy.
It is possible that the experience of love and loss led Lucifer to seek revenge on Adam and expel him from heaven….

Additional information


The painting's original version


acrylic on wood board – Texture on base

Size (No frame)

51.18 x 27.55 Inch


0.19 Inch

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If the NFT version is available, you'll get a 1/1 NFT version as a gift from Elmira when you buy the physical version.

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